Our Services

JC’s Mesa Grocery and Deli is a small version of a full size supermarket. Our offerings include:

  • fresh dairy products
  • fresh produce
  • frozen meats
  • canned goods
  • tobacco products
  • cleaners
  • pet food
  • toiletries
  • beer/wine
  • automotive
  • fishing supplies
  • tortillas/chips
  • candy
  • cold drinks

Our customers also tell us we’ve got a ‘great mix’ on our fountain sodas and our hot coffee is Treasure Valley Coffee which has great flavor and keeps people coming back.

We have a good variety of gift cards to both major retailers, restaurants, and digital marketplaces. These include Amazon, iTunes, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Justice, Sears, and Lowe’s just to name a few.

We also have free wireless internet for our customers and an ATM that the locals jokingly nickname! The First Bank of Mesa.

Store PictureReady To-Go Food

We make our own fresh sandwiches and salads(summertime). These are located in the large cooler and are available for purchase during all store hours.

JC’s operates a ‘hot case’ with a large variety of snacks and sandwiches. We make our own breakfast sandwiches(2 varieties) and our own chicken sandwiches. Our store also offers the highest quality burritos, corn dogs, and pizza pockets, etc.

Unique to our store, we offer hot sandwiches made daily that we allow to heat up to their perfection around lunchtime. ‘Meatball Monday’ starts the week off where we add 4 large meatballs that slow cook all morning to a fresh hoagie with thick slices of mozzarella cheese. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we make our ‘signature’ 3-Meat sandwich. Thursdays we mix it up with a different sandwich every week like ham and cheddar or roast beef and Swiss among other combinations.

Our Services‘Hot Deli’ foods is available from the time we open in the morning until late afternoon early evening, depending on the day.

Other ready to eat ‘To-Go’ foods include hot dogs during baseball season(Apr-Oct). And these aren’t just hot dogs, they are Longhorn BBQ’s 1/4 lb all-beef franks and German Sausage. Ready at 10am, Mon-Sat, and when they’re gone…they’re gone.

Outside of baseball season, Nov-Mar, we offer delicious soup Mon-Fri usually ready at 10 am, and on really cold days, it goes fast!

Forms of Payment

We accept Cash!, Checks(local), Debit Cards, Major Credit Cards, EBT, and WIC

Catering and Party Trays

JC's makes custom party trays for your parties, lunch gatherings, and special events. We can also cater your special event, parties or business lunches and have several different choices to choose from.

See our page dedicated to catering and custom party trays for more details!