The story of our flagpole begins in Tumwater, Washington. Once used as a guide for aircraft, it was the tallest flagpole in Thurston County. It was taken down and shipped to it’s new home in Mesa.

Old Glory0

The perfect spot was picked in the parking lot of JC’s Mesa Grocery and Deli near the front of the store.


A hole was dug 5’ x 6’ and 10’ deep.

Old Glory3

An entire load of concrete (10 yards) was poured in to anchor the behemoth soon to be erected again.

Old Glory4

Over a period of a few weeks the pole was restored and repainted. Then on 11/07/10, a crowd of onlookers, mostly from a safe distance across the street, watched with interest as the pole was set into place.

Old Glory5

Then on Veteran’s Day, 11/11/10, helped by Boy Scout Troop #176 and attending veterans, Old Glory was hoisted ceremoniously under sunny skies.

Old Glory7

With a total height of 80 feet, 6 inches above the ground, our flagpole can be seen from miles away. The flag itself measures 600 sq ft, and is 20’x30’.

Special thanks to John Grimm for donating the pole, Agri-Trac for the restoration of the pole, Big Bend Electric for setting it, and Keith Harris at ‘Flags a Flying’ for the consulting work that made it all possible. Also, thanks to numerous others who gave of their time, labor, and resources.