We feature a great assortment of lunch items using the finest quality ingredients.

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Lunch!1Our Signature Sandwich, the ‘Triple Meat”, has also been known as ‘The Conquistador” (The Conqueror). This prize starts with fresh bread, then we add thick sliced pepper-jack cheese, salami, pastrami, and roast beef. When finished, we put it in the warmer a couple of hours before lunchtime for the consumer to find a tasty treat. We’ve received countless compliments over the years over our prize sandwich. Available Tue, Wed, and Fri.


JC’s Mesa Grocery and Deli also makes all of our own ‘cold’ sandwiches in store. We slice all of our own meat and cheese and top it off with leaf lettuce and even fresh garden tomatoes when in season served on Oroweat Premium Bread. Available everyday.

Lunch3.JPGAll of our ingredients we use are some of the finest ingredients available, but you wouldn’t know it by our prices! Take for example the bacon we use on our burgers, it is Daily’s extra-thick sliced variety. Shouldn’t everyone use bacon like this on their burgers?

Lunch4.JPGWe also make outstanding made to order burgers. We like to call them ‘home made taste that you don’t have to make’. We use only 1/3 lb Angus Patties seasoned with our family recipe of herbs and spices. Our burgers are topped with extra-thick sliced cheese, extra-thick slices pickles, fresh tomatoes, and green leaf lettuce on a toasted bun. Available Mon-Sat 10-2 on most days.

The real treat about our burgers is that we don’t serve a burger that looks nothing like what you see in the picture. We like to say, “the burger in the pictures elsewhere is the burger we serve here”. Pictured is a Deluxe Bacon Cheese that is customer ready!

double_hamburger“Go big or go home!” We have options for the ‘big appetite’ people out there. Our Double Deluxe Bacon and Cheese, aka ‘the man killer’ or ‘afternoon killer’ lives up to it’s reputation.

Lunch7533dfa6937878.jpgWe also have a great variety of fish and chicken baskets. We only use Brakebush Chicken and True Cod in our baskets. Our fries are Lamb Weston’s Private Reserve that we sprinkle to perfection with Johnny’s Seasoning Salt. Available Mon-Sat 10-2 on most days.