Many businesses are struggling these days. We are not in a recession economy anymore, but many businesses continue to struggle. Heavy taxation, lack of capital, incapable or non-motivated workforce, manufacturing/industries that once anchored communities are dwindling, over burdening regulations, outsourcing, digitalization, and the internet have made it more problematic than ever before to run a profitable brick and mortar storefront.

The truth is, though there are many reasons a business might be struggling, there are real solutions to to get on track to profitability. Perhaps your business isn’t struggling at all, but there is unearned potential that hasn’t been able to be achieved thus far. If either of these situations fits you and your business, it might be time to bring in outside help.

  • Expertise – Charles has 25+ years in retail experience. He has worked in all aspects of a retail environment including store management, department management, bookkeeping, loss prevention, merchandising, advertising, customer service, and janitorial.
  • Problem Identification – Sometimes an owner or employees are too close to a problem to properly identify it.
  • Catalyst For Change – People don’t like change. We get comfortable or even in some environments, complacent. Bringing in an expert in the field that is free from the workplace environment, can be just what is needed when change is really in order.
  • Objectivity – We’ve all been there, we stare at a dilemma too long and we lose perspective. Bringing in a fresh set of eyes, someone not personally attached to the situation
  • Teacher – People learn in many different ways. Teachers in schools have found that what might work for one pupil doesn’t remotely work for another. A proficient consultant can be a viable option for adding to your employees skill set.
  • New Life – No doubt we are influenced by those we choose to surround ourselves with. Attitudes are contagious. Having a passionate, energetic person around your business can be a breath of fresh air and invigorate what has become mundane.

Charles Grimm, owner of Grimm Holdings, has a proven track record in growing businesses. As a newly placed store manager, he took a store that the owner was ready to give up on, and with some completely outside the box thinking had the stores sales up 20% in less than 2 years. Charles was then placed at the company’s flagship store where sales were floundering about 10% off their prior year and within 12 months was able to get the store back to even.

That’s when he decided to buy a store of his own. It was a small store, in a small town where the previous owner had begun losing interest and was losing 5+% a year in sales. Shortly after purchasing the store in 2006, the ‘Great Recession’ took its toll on the economy. Many big businesses collapsed, many lost 1/3 or more of their sales and in many places it was flat out ugly. During this time, Charles saw 10, 20, and even 30+% growth in his business. During the first 5 years of his business, Charles’ store grew 100% in their sales. That’s correct, during the height of the recession, his sales doubled from when he bought it.

It’s a fantastic story and he’d love to tell you how he did it. Whether you need help in customer service, choosing the right new hires, merchandising, management, quality control, loss prevention, training employees, or you simply want someone passionate to give you a fresh perspective, Charles, owner of Grimm Holdings is an affordable option.
Call or email him today, there is no risk or obligation and your first hour with him is free. What do you have to lose?

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